Carolyn Jacob
Director of Social Media Imaging

Carolyn Jacob is a Project Assistant with Calidad Industries, Inc. She assists with all aspects of maintenance for the Camp Parks Military Installation, and assists the Project Manager with invoices, and check requests as required for the company.
Carolyn was trained on two other jobs with Calidad and covers them when staff is away.

Carolyn is no stranger to Customer Service, long work hours, managing service members, training new employees, paying attention to detail, having spent 35 years in the United States Army Reserve, working in many positions such as Unit Supply Specialist, Signal Support Specialist, Financial Management Technician, and many other appointed duties and assignments as needed or required, also 20+ years in the banking field, worked all jobs with a high degree of skills and professionalism.

Drawing on 35+ years’ work experience combining military, banking, computer, government-civilian (current) Carolyn continues to focus on making and maintaining satisfied customers, perfecting her social media imaging skills, serving with excellence as an OVL Foundation USA Board Member.