Anita P. Latin – Founder & CEO

My father, Rev. O. V. Latin and my mother, Lady Louella Latin are the foundation by which this organization was formed; To honor them, to give back to the community in which I was born and raised and ultimately to leave a legacy for my son and daughter which will sustain this organization for years to come. I watched my parents open their hearts, their hands and their home to provide respite and renewal for those in need. Somehow, witnessing what they did for others became a natural part of my DNA as well. They are gone; but their work lives on. The torch has been passed and the mantle has been placed upon my shoulders as I stand on their shoulders and continue loving and caring for my community and those who live in my community.

I truly believe the vision, mission and goal that has been given to me will push me, prompt me, and provoke me to do everything in my strength to bring a long-lived dream into a space and place that will become a portal for change. My passion has never let this dream die! It has stayed at the forefront of my thoughts and desires. And I am determined to make it happen by the grace of God!

I foresee the impact that OVL Foundation will make in the SF Bay Area and vicinity will fulfill a great need that has been overlooked for quite some time, and will ultimately impact the lives of many young women and children who will be better equipped to survive in a world that often seems not to care about the plight and future of this population! I am honored and humbled to be able to serve my community and help restore the breach that separates the underserved youth who have had to survive a life in the Foster Care System from equal opportunities to be successful and thrive in America.

Carolyn Jacob-Director of Social Media Imaging

I am inspired to be a part of OVL Foundation because I truly believe we can impact the community one need at a time. OVL Foundation is the umbrella by which many branches of outreach will come forth. Our #1 and largest outreach being Abba House Transition Home –
transitional living for emancipated single mothers aging out of the Foster Care System. These are women who may be less fortunate, disenfranchised, non-members of mainstream society, not necessarily these three only, but from many different walks of life.

Based on my personal experience as a teenager with my youngest sister as a teenage single mother, and the impact that particular situation had on my family, I can contribute more of my time learning how to respond to these types of situations, especially since the times have drastically changed in how society treats single mothers. There are countless organizations that cater to these women, but OVL Foundation’s largest outreach Abba House Transition Home is the Difference maker. We aim to help build their life from receiving the negative stigma that mainstream society may place on them to total confidence in themselves to be their best self, especially for their children.

There are many outreach programs that OVL Foundation will seek to offer the community, but the one that is most near and dear to my heart is Abba House Transition Home, and all that we will be able to offer young single mothers, one need at a time. As I think back, my youngest sister could have benefited greatly from a well-rounded program like this. I believe that wherever we are stationed with the supernatural overflow of all the resources, and the people we will serve, we will make a grand impact on the lives of our single mother participants, as their whole life is changed from the inside out, and now seeing their life in a whole new positive light for themselves, and their children.

Shelah Snowden – Chief Operations Officer

My inspiration to become a part of OVL Foundation derives from an imperative need, to help ensure that its core vision and mission become a vital reality in the lives of many young women transitioning from Foster Care, into well-deserved and productive lives.

In as much, my inspiration is reinforced from an unforgettable experience, when encountered of a young single teen-age mother who faced losing her (3) children to Social Services. She was sadly without hope; she was in much despair; she had no support system; she lacked critical life skills, essential to caring for herself as well as basic parenting skills. She was ready to give up. It was her aimless, down-trodden “I just don’t care anymore” lifeless and weary walk, which caught my attention. It was the Lord Who perfectly timed our paths as total strangers to cross. It was the Love of Christ in me, to take immediate interest and inquire of her well-being. I assisted her as best to prepare for a Social Services visit that determined fate of whether she retained custody of her children. She (barely) passed. Unfortunately, a subsequent ‘surprise’ visit resulted in losing child custody. She was, however, so very grateful for the Love and Help that allowed remaining time with her children. It gave her hope, vowing to do her best to regain custody.

That significant encounter instilled purpose to become an integral part of OVL Foundation upon formal invitation. This purpose transcends my heart to ensure young single mothers do not lack essential parenting and self-care skills; this purpose culminates my desire to empower young, targeted women to utilize all available services and valuable curriculum OVL Foundation offers. Further purposed on my integral part- is the driving force to help equip young women/single mothers to live optimum, sustained and confident lives.

I personally feel I can contribute to make OVL vision a reality by First, embracing and believing in its underlying goals and mission. Secondly, I feel having a compassionate heart filled with the genuine Love of Christ, is a ‘Must’ for our targeted clientele to come to know and feel Love- for it is Love that overarches my contributing service with OVL Foundation.

Although OVL Foundation was not in existence at the time I encountered the young teenage mother, that experience left an indelible mark and an incredible fortitude to help make the OVL Foundation vision, a solid and true reality in the lives of all young women who cross its threshold. In as much, each client served will be a personal dedication to the young teen mother who actually helped to prepare, mold and shape my heart for future outpouring of all OVL Foundation’s significant and valuable importance to the lives of our target clientele, whom I personally welcome with open arms to enter its portals of Love.✨

Aiesha Cloud – Personal Assistant

Although OVL Foundation is not my dream, it is, however, my mother’s dream. She is the Founder & CEO. I was not around to see my grandparents, O.V. & Louella Latin, open their hearts, their hands and their home to those who were in need. But my brother, André and I have witnessed our mother open her heart, her hands, her home, and her finances to help others in need. It is obvious where she gets her drive! She has such a big heart and does not mind giving to fulfill a need. Why wouldn’t I support such a wonderful woman with so much compassion for others? My mother has faithfully supported everything my brother and I have endeavored to do, while encouraging us to be all that we can be! My inspiration, comes from witnessing her continue to carry the Latin legacy and humbly wearing the mantle that my grandparents left.

It is my honor, to partner with my mother and to provide whatever is needed as her Personal Assistant to make the vision of OVL Foundation a reality. I actively participate in Fund Raisers, assist at community events, help package informational literature for handouts, monitor our social media sites for erroneous content, and make constructive suggestions on different ideas for outreach, products and services. I am hoping to complete my studies in early childhood development so that I can assist with the children of the young women who will be a part of the Abba House Transition Home for single mothers aging out of Foster Care. I know how much this means to my mother and I want to see her dream realized!

If the young ladies coming to Abba House are serious about receiving all the tools they will need to become independent, self-sufficient, law-abiding citizens, the “Positioned4Purpose” Curriculum is relevant and necessary to achieving that goal.” The impact is that they will come out a WINNER!

Tanya A. Smith – Director of Development

I believe in the power of God and the power of transformation and I was inspired to become a part of OVL Foundation because of its vision to support young women transition out of the foster care system into adulthood.  It is a joy to serve in an organization that supports young women, particularly young mothers, through curriculum, life skills and practical support, employment resources, mentorship, emotional and spiritual support, find their voices and discover resiliency.  I believe OVL Foundation is uniquely positioned for this purpose.

I bring a passion for supporting women, as well as over 30 years of professional training and experience in Human Resources management, program management, and ministry through the public sector, private non-profit agencies, and para-church organizations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  I am committed to identifying resources and developing strategic partnerships to execute the organizations vision. I am prepared to become the hands and feet of the Foundation to ensure the financial resources are generated to achieve every aspect of the dream to help develop strong, resilient, and independent women.

The OVL Foundation is a formidable force in the San Francisco Bay Area Community because every aspect of the vision is built on prayer, hard work, integrity, and an ethical model of service.   I envision every woman’s inaugural visit for services with OVL Foundation will find a leadership team that intentionally incorporates grace, compassion, diligence, faith, hope, and acceptance in every aspect of their work as service providers and the builders of faith in this community.   And every woman who completes her journey with OVL Foundation will leave knowing she has honed a skill, mastered a knowledge base, and enhanced an ability that will leave an indelible mark on her family, community, and friends because of her reliance!

J. Nicole Taylor, Chief Financial Officer

I met the Founder & CEO, Anita Latin through The House of Prayer Everywhere church, where she serves as Executive Pastor. As I started working for the church, Anita and I started communicating. She mentioned OVL Foundation and once she explained in detail what the Foundation was all about, I was very impressed.

I feel I can contribute 35 + years of accounting experience. I have numbers knowledge to help assist in doing all financial aspects for the Foundation. I can maintain the books and apply for non-profit funding, as it becomes available. As a victim of crime, I know first-hand the support system a person needs.

The amazing impact that OVL Foundation will make is saving one woman’s life at a time. As young women are placed in foster care and age out at 18 years old, they are vulnerable. They need a foundation with love, compassion, and hope to help give them lifelong skills to maintain a positive environment to live life in the world, and not fall victim to trafficking.

Jeraldine Pratt, Secretary

“How can I say, ‘Thanks!’”

 I was inspired to become a part of OVL Foundation USA, because of my love for those whom we are honoring, Rev. O.V. Latin and Mrs. Louella Latin.

I was privileged to have known them and their family, through their daughter, Anita. We met in high school and became best friends. It was then that we learned that our parents and older siblings had known each other before we were born.

Through the years, I visited their church and seen firsthand how Pastor and First Lady Latin poured loved into the children, youth, and young families. The methodical steps to develop the church’s ministries and to aid and assist the sheep truly had an impact on me.

So, how can I show thanks? When Anita had the idea to honor her parents’, “Ministries of Helps”, with this foundation I was on board. I knew how badly the safe place for our young and displaced pregnant girls was needed. To be able to assist, prepare, and provide a safe place for those young pregnant girls and their babies, after aging out of the Foster Care System, has been a concern of mine for many years. Today, so many of our young people are being trafficked right under our noses. This program will be the beginning seeds that so many will need to prepare for a successful life.

Physically, I may not be “able” to do much, as a disabled person. But my desire is to assist in identifying and learning about all the agencies that exist, to support ministries who “help” those in need, like OVL Foundation USA. My desire is to be able to contribute toward analyzing, designing, and planning to support programs that will deliver each young woman and her baby into society, prepared to succeed.

OVL Foundation USA will be the forefront in providing and educating “The Bay” on how to house, mentor, and educate young pregnant women to be successful and flourish when they enter society. The facility to house precious young women and their children will be a game changer.