For Everyone

2Legit is an Employment Preparation Program designed for the adult population who are unemployed. Participants will learn how to prepare a resume and cover letter. They will go through the process of completing a job application. They will be given tools to better market  themselves during a mock interview that we will conduct on site.

Cover Me is a Coat Drive for those whose life circumstances have brought them to a place where they are unemployed, without permanent shelter and left to sleep outdoors. Cover Me is designed to collect and purchase new and used coats that will be given to the unhoused, to orphanages and to shelters for men, women, boys and girls.

Highway 411 is a Computer Training Lab that is designed as a certification program offered to anyone who desires to learn the hardware and software of computer technology. The program will cover the basic anatomy of a computer and the fundamentals of the Microsoft Operating System, which includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.

How Ya Livin’ is a series of Health Awareness & Screening Workshops that will be offered to the Community. There will be lectures from health professionals, Q&A sessions, literature and resources to help you live a healthy and whole life, as well as on-site screenings to assist in making healthy life changes starting today.

I’m a Survivor! is a Domestic Violence Program designed for anyone living in a hostile and abusive environment; be it physical, sexual, verbal, or mental. Resources are offered to the victims including, legal services, police protection, shelters and medical clinics to help get safely through the process, whole & healed.

POWER! is an Empowerment Workshop Program designed to stimulate and ignite the creative fire within in order to move from a place of complacency to a place of confidence and accomplishment. Through motivational speakers and interactive workshop sessions, the hope is to motivate dreams and goals for a much brighter and prosperous future personally and professionally.

Boss Up is an Entrepreneurial Program designed to teach basic skills to own and operate a small business through various workshops for those in the Community. Techniques on writing a business plan and creating a vision and mission statement will also be taught. Successful business owners will be brought in to share their own personal experience.


Pomp ‘n Circumstance is a GED program designed to offer the necessary academic studies so those without a high school diploma will be equipped and ready to sit for the GED exam. There will be tutors who will mentor students and teachers who will conduct weekly classes to give the test. Upon completion and passing of the GED we will give each student an opportunity to experience the pomp ‘n circumstance of their own graduation.

Positioned4Purpose is our 24-month module-driven curriculum that is mandatory for all participants at Abba House Transition Home. This course-work is designed to build up knowledge and personal and professional skill set for successful independent living once the program is completed.

RAW (Reading and Writing) is a Literacy Program designed to offer reading and writing classes for the illiterate in the community. There will be tutors and resources available to help those who want to expand their world through literature as well as for those who are learning to speak English as a second language.

Whatz ‘n The Closet is a Career Closet Program designed to provide men and women with clothing appropriate for upcoming job interviews – everything from men suits, dress shirts and ties, to women’s dresses, suits, skirts, blouses and shoes.

What Lies Beneath is a program designed to collect and purchase undergarments, socks, pajamas and toiletries for the unhoused. These supplies will be packaged and given out once a week in different areas of the City. They will be individually packaged by gender and by age.

For Men

My Brotherz Keeper is an Adopt-A-Brother Program designed to stay connected to our military men one soldier at a time through letters and care packages so they know we are grateful for what they do to protect our country everyday and also to fill the gap for those soldiers who have no family members to communicate with when they get lonely.

Oh Brother is a Male Accountability Group designed to create a safe and confidential platform where men can talk about male issues, seek advice, share experiences and establish a bond with other like-minded beings to get through the struggles and successes of life and have an accountability partner to help along the way.

For Women

Abba House is a Transition House established to house single mothers ages 18-21. This house will offer a two-year program to build a foundation where these young troubled and unfocused women can find structure, knowledge, wisdom and life skills to successfully function in society. They are appropriately prepared to take care of themselves and adequately provide for their children through a structured curriculum during their stay.

My Sistahz Keeper is an Adopt-A-Sister program designed to stay connected to the female soldiers through frequent correspondence and feminine care packages so they know we are forever grateful for what they do to protect our country each and every day and also to fill the gap for those women who are feeling isolated in a male dominated environment and have no one they can confide in.

Seed Sowers is an Organic Garden that will be planted in the backyard at the Abba House containing organic fruit & vegetables that can be used for consumption as well as a garden with various flowers for the picking and enjoyment. This is another avenue to teach the young women about healthy eating and good nutrition for themselves and their growing children. If the garden produces in abundance, this may also serve as way to introduce them to becoming an entrepreneur as they are given an opportunity to sell their fresh produce and cut flowers at the farmer’s market.

For Children

Our Daily Bread is a Food Program designed to connect with an agency in a 3rd World Country, find a liaison and set up a program where we can fund a food program to feed the starving children in that country and provide clean water for consumption and personal use.

Pack4Success is a Back to School Backpack Drive. We will collect and purchase backpacks filled with school supplies for distribution to under-privileged children to help them succeed in their academic endeavors and assure them that there is someone who cares about them and wants to see them succeed.

Santa’s Helpers is a Holiday Toy Drive to collect and distribute toys to children in the hospital, in orphanages and shelters who might not otherwise be able to enjoy the fun and excitement of receiving toys during the holiday season because their families are not financially able to give them any toys.

For Boys


ManUP is a Male Mentoring Program for males between the ages of 9-12 and 13-17. It is designed to reach at-risk males in the community and give them a safe and nurturing place to come and be built up mentally, emotionally, physically, academically, and psychologically. It is a healthy and positive platform where they will be encouraged, equipped and empowered to be the men they were created to be.

For Girls

Daddy’s Girl

Daddy’s Girl is a Female Mentoring Program designed for females ages 9-12 & 13-17 that are growing up without a father – whether it is because of incarceration, death, drug abuse, dead beat, or divorce. These sessions are created to build up their self-esteem and let them know that they are valued and respected and that they are important. These sessions will allow the girls to feel good about themselves and be confident that they can do anything and become anything they put their minds to.